Protection Planning: Managing life's risks properly

"What if…?”  This is probably the most unsettling question we could ask, especially when creating a plan for a hopeful and bright future. Facing the reality and possibility that bad things can happen is hard but being unprepared for these events can be catastrophic.

Facing these difficult truths is essential in building a secure financial future for you and your loved ones. The first step is to recognize what financial risks you face and determine whether or not you are prepared to handle those risks.

A successful risk management program includes answering several questions:

What happens if you, your spouse or a loved one…

Becomes ill or injured?
Is in a car accident?
Is laid off from work?
Needs daily care in, or before, retirement?
Cannot work for an extended period of time?
Should die unexpectedly?
Business partner dies unexpectedly?

To minimize unexpected financial burdens, everyone should develop their own individual Risk Management Plan and confirm they are adequately protected. Risk reduction strategies often involve using various forms of insurance to protect from downside risk. We offer many forms of personal and business insurance, including

  • Health for groups and individuals, including medicare

  • Life

  • Buy Sell Agreements

  • Key Person

  • Disability

  • Overhead Expense

  • Long Term Care

  • Dental